Colombia Itinerario

Backpacker in Colombia

After deciding to travel to Colombia, the most difficult thing was deciding what to exclude from the list of attractive and active places of interest. Colonial cities, coffee plantations archaeological ruins, high mountain trekking, scuba diving, rafting, whale watch list is almost endless.

There were about three different itinerary variations – here is the last loop.

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colombia itinerary


If your flight lands at the airport from Bogota to Bogota it is the logical starting point and a base for side trips around Bogota. Spend a few days in the city, stroll, visit the Gold Museum, Police Museum, the abundance of everything hanging around the Candelaria, go to the Zona Rosa at night …. As you planned to stay in Bogotá during the first three days in the initial section of the trip to Colombia, we have chosen to make a trip to Salt Cathedral of Zipaquirá, which will take you one day. In addition to the backpackers Zipaquira many opt for Villa de Leyva or Gill San. The choice is yours, a matter of personal priorities and time available.

Bogota center

Pasto – Ipiales – Pasto

The next stop was Pasto (actually, Las Lajas Cathedral near Ipiales) which is located in the southwestern part of Colombia. After an in-depth research online we decided to take a plane, otherwise you would be wasted too much time in traveling back and forth. First, we were thinking of taking a bus and making a stop in Popayan and available elsewhere and then head south. According to other online resources it is a long bus ride.

the sanctuary

Pasto – Cali – Armenia – Salento

A weekend in Pasto is enough if you go there mainly to visit Las Lajas Cathedral in Ipiales. Flight back to Cali. From Cali we took a minibus that took us to Armenia and then another to the town of Salento – a base for the day trip to the Cocora Valley.
Finca in Valle de Cocora

Salento through Pereira – Medellín

After walking in the most magnificent place in Colombia continued to Medellin. We only spent five days in Medellin and that is definitely not enough to see everything. A trip next to Guatapé (El Peñol).

The Penon

Medellín – Cartagena

We spent a weekend in Cartagena.
Cartagena square

Cartagena – Santa Marta

From Cartagena we take a bus to Santa Marta, which lasts about five hours. Santa Marta is not a port city of excitement, but its ticket to the Tayrona National Natural Park. We spent there a week, including Tayrona and Taganga. If you are lucky with the weather – you really were not – take a Lost City walk.

tayron beach

Santa Marta – San Andrés

 At the time of the visit there were no direct flights from Santa Marta. First traveled to Bogota, then to Cartagena and finally to San Andrés to finish the trip with real sand beaches.

san andres beach

San Andrés-Bogotá – Home.

Of all the trips visited the countries to Colombia left me the deepest impression withe. Its most treasured treasure and the diversity of natural and cultural gems that are simply breathtaking. Despite the much poverty in rural areas, infinite pride, but still great, joy and laughter in the face of everyone, you get a different perspective on life. How sad and unfair that many people are still familiar with this country just by drugs, crime and kidnappings. This is undoubtedly a country that deserves a second chance. Once there, you will not feel insecure for a moment. The only thought you carry within you is that the trip would never end, and as the slogan slogan of Colombia’s tourism organization says,


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