Travel Bucket List

Decision is made. Going back to Africa in September and I don’t plan to go back home to Europe anytime soon. in a way starting new chapter in my life. I was thinking since I will not be limited by travel time what I want to see and experience in the future. List is definitely not complete, probably just a rough list of activities I plan to do… but have to write them down otherwise I forget.

This time I plan to visit:

Victoria lake, Tanzania – since my base will be Tanzania, I definitely plan to discover more and travel to less visited and popular places. Lake Victoria  is the largest lake in the world / approx. 60 000 square kilometres

Climb Kilimanjaro – not 100% sure, i am afraid of attitude sickness

Lake Tanganyika remote Gombe Stream  National Park, hopefully to meet Jane Goodall and have a pic with her, that would be really cool.

Lake Turkana in Kenya – remote place hard to get there, but i think it pays off, the world’s largest desert lake – makes life possible in parched northern Kenya. The lake is home to the world’s largest population of Nile crocodiles, healthy populations of hippos, and hundreds of bird and fish species.

lake turkana

Volunteering in Malawi  – I have found really affordable volunteering opportunity from a small organization that is obviously not greedy in terms of prices, cant wait to be there. More about it when I actually come there.

I will most likely also come back to Rwanda and spend some time there, what I missed on my previous trip are tea plantations and meet again some dear friends I met a long the way.


Climb the Nyiragongo Volcano in DR Congo, lets hope political situation gets stable, its on my travel list for long time already.

travel bucket list

Visit my friend in South Africa – Cape Town, been there 10 years ago and would love to see this gorgeous place again.

These are just the highlights, the more i get to know the continent  the more places i want to see and visit:D

I think for a start is enough, if I manage to complete these goals, I would be more than happy.


11 thoughts on “Travel Bucket List

      • Are you referring to coming back to Africa, I refer to coming back from Africa and settling into my native Germany. 🙂

      • to with coming back to western world, yes i totally agree! 🙂 i think i had a slight depression when i returned home…

  1. It all sounds amazing! I am really wanting to do some volunteering in Africa and I am wondering what company you are referring too? Like you, most companies I have found to be rather expensive!

    • Hi Kirstie, Unfortunately my plans in AFrica didnt turn out the way i wanted them.. Still, i gladly share the link of NGO that was established by Slovenian ex volunteers in MAlawi. Its still on my bucket list for sometime in the future:D as fr as i remember they dont charge for volunteering, it costs about 200 euros per month to cover your food and accommodation costs which is nothing in comparison to other companies. One of the founders is Jana, been in touch with her through facebook and she is the most positive person i have ever met. They can also put you in contact with other volunteers that have already been there. I think ELA is one of the rare honest organisations that works with heart and actually has results to show.

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