Welcome To The Jungle


Well, looks like a jungle but actually its rainforest.

Jozani Chwaka Bay National Park or shorter version Jozani Forest is the only national park on Zanzibar. Very small, only 50 km2 (19 sq mi) but a beautiful place to visit!

This forest is a natural pharmacy, an amazing source of natural remedies! Every plant or tree cures something. It also know for rare red Colobus monkeys a very rare monkey species unique to Zanzibar.

The forest is divided by a road into two sections. To protect the wildlife it is not permitted to walk off the road without an official guide. A network of various nature trails leads visitors through the forest. The main trail begins at the park entrance and takes about an hour at a leisurely stroll.

A mangrove boardwalk gives tourists the possibility to have a view into the special mangrove habitat which was really enjoyable.





Zanzibar Jozani Forest – Red Colobus Monkey from Nina Malina on Vimeo.




5 thoughts on “Welcome To The Jungle

  1. What BEAUTIFUL photography!!! Did you see lots of bugs??? Did you get any that burrow under your skin. I’m terrified of the Jungle!!! JUST TERRIFIED so I’ll live vicariously through you!

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