How Was my First Day on The Zanzibar Beach?

Hot, very hot!!

So i finally manage to come to Kendwa sunset, not even unpack, go to the beach for some lunch and dip in the beautiful sea… As i lay on the magical beach i see in my hotel some very big smoke, and turns out hotel was on fire. i go to my bungalow, as i was on beach bungalows quite far from actual fire which was going on on garden area of hotel, thinking shall i take my things out or shall i stay here as it didnt looked so bad from what i seen in the distance. But it was a windy day, and fire just exploded and became fast, i could hear sound of breaking and some explosions… i check neigbour hotel white Sands also on fire. At this time i got a little panic, i started gathering my things and left to the beach. The problem was, there was no evacuation plan or something, each guest was on their own…

so much for my beach time on Zanzibar. I am back in Stone town.

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