City Breaks

Since I am still in Europe, have decided to go for a short trip to Spain. First Only Valencia was planned, but once there have decided to revisit Barcelona and spend a weekend in Madrid.  Well, I thought I would be able to compensate Africa for Europe but this trip was just another proof to myself that something in me wants to go to Africa A G A I N. Despite the parasites 😀 I am not saying Spain is not beautiful, it is of course. But you know that feeling after you return from the trip? Either you liked it so much that you keep thinking about going back for more or you remain indifferent.

Why Europe is Not For Me

  • Its too expensive – i spent i one week in Spain so much that i could buy  return plane ticket to Tanzania and also live there for another two weeks
  • Food and drinks are over priced , 3 to 5 Euros for a single tapas? !! well is it only me who thinks a tiny peace of bread with a thin slice of jamon is not worth the money….
  • its too modern – personal perception i guess, personally prefer african chaos and dallas dallas more than depressing metros
  • Too much tourists everywhere ! Sometimes one cant even take a photo without having half of the world in the picture

Here are some images  from week in Spain.



How do you like it?

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