Random Snapshots From Zanzibar







Zanzibar streets*


Weekly Photo Challenge: Delicate

One of numerous golden figurines from Museo del oro – Gold museum in Bogota that displays extraordinary selection of its pre-Hispanic gold work.

Golden Figurine

Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreign

Mentality.Madaba is special place in Jordan for many reasons. To me the photo below presents foreignism. Town was full of transparents and my guide told me they are praising their King Abdullah II bin Al-Hussein. I was surprised, since i come from a country where people are disappointed by politicians and the last thing would be praising them and showing the love and support with banners.


Warm Heart of Africa

Final errands to run before i leave.Try to eliminate the  expectations, but feel like i might not come back:D Felt like at home there last year and feels like I am coming home. …. What do we need to feel happy? Western comodities didnt make me happy so far. Money? Job titles? I dont think so….

Summer on Zanzibar

Just a Little Bit …..

Still at home, departing in ten days. Bought a brand new Leica Camera, x2, yes for those who are familiar with this brand, you are right. since i don’t plan to sell my kidney X2 is sweet substitute for M9 series but i can feel it will not let me down. I decided to experiment with street photography during my stay in Africa. if you wish you can follow posted pics on my blog  specially created for black and white journal from Africa. no sunsets, just real, candid life:

visit and tell me what you think:D


What To See in Barcelona

In November I had a opportunity to visit Barcelona for a few days. There was so much more on my to see list, but I ran out of time.

Here are some photos from Olympic park, Barrio Gothico, Gaudi park, Sagrada Familia, Casa Batillo and from Placa Espanya. If you havent been there yet you can get a picture what to see in Barcelona, this is only a fragment and will probably upload part two.

Have to come back  for more this summer 🙂

Olympic Park

Placa Espanya

Barrio Gotico

Sagrada Familia

Street Lamps

Casa Batillo

Puzzle - Gaudi

Beautiful Altar



Almost on The Beach

Zipaquira Trip

In 2010 I was backpacking in Colombia. Zipaquira was my first day trip from Bogota. What makes Zipaquira so interesting is underground  cathedral in former salt mine.

Enjoy the pics:)

If you are interested to find out more  here is a post about Trips around Bogota.

Another good post is about Colombia itinerary i used on visit to Colombia. The beauty of this itinerary is that it can help you with planning your trip to Colombia. It could be easily modified from original four weeks to two weeks: Backpacking Colombia

Zipaquira panorama

Zipaquira square

Salt Cathedral entrance - Zipaquira

Salt Cathedral - Zipaquira

Salt Cathedral - Zipaquira

Salt Cathedral - Zipaquira