Overland Backpacking Trip From Cairo to East Africa

I have been quiet for a long time and for a good reason. Been busy with my next project and finally can say its online and now is time to get moving.

My posts will be mostly updated on my new website, dedicated to Africa. Feel free to stop by on Safaris and Adventures to Africa or shortly Safari Junkie.

Along with new site, i have new travel plans. In October i start travelling Africa from Cairo to Tanzania. Will visit Sudan, Ethiopia, Somaliland, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Dr Congo and Tanzania.

Most of my daily updates will be either via Instagram or Facebook. If you wish to follow me there here are the links:



Wish me luck and see you in October!

backpacking overland solo female from Cairo to Tanzania


Kilimanjaro Still There

This weekend went to Moshi just to chill out and wander around the city. Its only 80 kilometers from Arusha but it takes  local bus two hours to get there. Since it was last minute plan, none of my friends  in Moshi were home ( this happens when your friends are Kilimanjaro guides, most of the time guiding climbs to Kilimanjaro).

Well for me it was enough to see Kilimanjaro from far in the  early morning time.

If you are interested to climb Kilimanjaro, i did an interview with a climber who just recently returned from Kilimanjaro Trek 

kilimanjaro mountain

Killing Time in Stone Town

As I was back to Stone Town I still wanted to chill a little and at least swim in a swimming pool. Me and my Zanzibari friend Irene spent a nice afternoon in Zanzibar Beach Resort.


This resort isn’t exactly a place to spend your holidays in Zanzibar, of course you will go to the beach. But for an afternoon, when you don’t want to pay a fortune to get to any of better beaches, its a nice shelter, peaceful place, which has more employees than guests:) zanzibar beach resort

A large swimming pool, entry to use the pool for non guests isi 6000 TSH. In order to enjoy the time next to awesome swimming pool, we ordered some cocktails and just soaked into the sunshine.

cocktail zanzibar

Relaxing last day in Stone Town.

killing time in stone town

Up in The Air

As I am posting this I am already comfortably sitting on a rooftop terrace of Zenji Hotel in Stone Town, drinking coffee and enjoying the laid back vibes:)

greetings from Zanzibar everybody, I am heading to Nungwi today for some beach time.
Turkish Airlines

Somewhere in Usambara Mountains

I really don’t regret time and effort needed to arrive in the heart of Tanzanian   Usambara Mountains. If you happen to be in Tanzania, dont skip this place, because its amazing. Little or almost zero muzungu tourists, beautiful mountain views surrounded by forests and the most friendly people I met so far.

A view from my room in Irente Cliff Lodge

Room With A View in Usambara

Irente View Cliff Lodge

Cloudy mornings




Baby Chameleon Usambara Mountains

Irente Viewpoint Lushoto

Ad also a place where i got hooked on avocado:)

Avocado Salad

Hanging Out With Hadzabe Tribe

I had a chance to visit Hadzabe tribe during one of my previous safaris in Tanzania. While being in Lake Eyasi region.

They live in the bush, really off-road on secluded parts of the land. before you scroll down to see photos please note, if you are vegetarian, some pictures might be unpleasant, but i am posting them anyway, after all this is how people live.

During the visit i guess it was time for lunch and they had small dik dik  – little antelope prepared to put on fire. I will never forget the smell of blood while they were preparing the animal for grilling. Read more about Hadza tribe safari on Safari Junkie

Hadzabe tribe visit

Hadzabe tribe visit

Hadzabe tribe visit

Hadzaba boy

Hadzabe tribe visit

Hadzabe tribe visit

Men were cooking while ladies were chilling in the bush shadow.

Hadzabe tribe visit

Hadzabe tribe visit

After the lunch my fellow traveler was invited by Hadzabe men to try shooting with bow and arrows. I wasn’t allowed, wrong gender:D

Hadzabe Tribe

Hadzabe tribe visit


Hadzabe tribe visit

Hadzabe tribe visit

And home decoration

Hadzabe tribe visit

Preparations For Becoming an Expat in Tanzania

OMG time passes by too quickly and this blog got a little bit neglected. Lots of things happened. Since i am leaving my home country for unspecified amount of time in order to be able to live in Africa, this gap time was very busy and stressful for me.

Although  there is about 30 days left to leave Slovenia, i already feel butterflies in the stomach:D Although i am sure i made right decision and will probably fullfil my long time  desire to live abroad, there are still sneaky doubts  coming up occasionally. But i guess this is normal?

I have never imagined how much stress will it take to move abroad, but finally i am resolving final errands before my leave in September. From having revaccinations that expired, gathering documents, quitting my regular job here in Slovenia, renting out apartment, moving out of apartment, working on future projects that will continue in Africa.

vaccination africa

Right now my  top worry is how in the world will i pack all i want  to take with me in 20 kilos??:-)

Anybody else living abroad? i would love to hear your story and advice.

Travel Bucket List

Decision is made. Going back to Africa in September and I don’t plan to go back home to Europe anytime soon. in a way starting new chapter in my life. I was thinking since I will not be limited by travel time what I want to see and experience in the future. List is definitely not complete, probably just a rough list of activities I plan to do… but have to write them down otherwise I forget.

This time I plan to visit:

Victoria lake, Tanzania – since my base will be Tanzania, I definitely plan to discover more and travel to less visited and popular places. Lake Victoria  is the largest lake in the world / approx. 60 000 square kilometres

Climb Kilimanjaro – not 100% sure, i am afraid of attitude sickness

Lake Tanganyika remote Gombe Stream  National Park, hopefully to meet Jane Goodall and have a pic with her, that would be really cool.

Lake Turkana in Kenya – remote place hard to get there, but i think it pays off, the world’s largest desert lake – makes life possible in parched northern Kenya. The lake is home to the world’s largest population of Nile crocodiles, healthy populations of hippos, and hundreds of bird and fish species.

lake turkana

Volunteering in Malawi  – I have found really affordable volunteering opportunity from a small organization that is obviously not greedy in terms of prices, cant wait to be there. More about it when I actually come there.

I will most likely also come back to Rwanda and spend some time there, what I missed on my previous trip are tea plantations and meet again some dear friends I met a long the way.


Climb the Nyiragongo Volcano in DR Congo, lets hope political situation gets stable, its on my travel list for long time already.

travel bucket list

Visit my friend in South Africa – Cape Town, been there 10 years ago and would love to see this gorgeous place again.

These are just the highlights, the more i get to know the continent  the more places i want to see and visit:D

I think for a start is enough, if I manage to complete these goals, I would be more than happy.

Tanzanian Money

I just wanted to share Tanzanian bank notes. I really find some of them among more interesting and beautiful if comparing them to Euros or other currencies.  Take a look, nice money isn’t it?

Average Tanzanian Salary is between 80 000 TSH an 150 000 TSH, which is in Eur 40 and 80 Eur. Now do the math….
Tanzanian Money - 500 TSH

Tanzanian Money - 500 TSH

Tanzanian Money 1000 TSH

Tanzanian Money - 1000 TSH

Tanzanian Money - 2000 TSH

Tanzanian Money - 2000 TSH

Tanzanian Money - 5000 TSH

Tanzania Money - 5000 TSH

Tanzanian Money - 10000 TSH

Tanzania Money - 10000 TSH

Weekly Photo Challenge: Delicate

One of numerous golden figurines from Museo del oro – Gold museum in Bogota that displays extraordinary selection of its pre-Hispanic gold work.

Golden Figurine

Warm Heart of Africa

Final errands to run before i leave.Try to eliminate the  expectations, but feel like i might not come back:D Felt like at home there last year and feels like I am coming home. …. What do we need to feel happy? Western comodities didnt make me happy so far. Money? Job titles? I dont think so….

Summer on Zanzibar

Just a Little Bit …..

Still at home, departing in ten days. Bought a brand new Leica Camera, x2, yes for those who are familiar with this brand, you are right. since i don’t plan to sell my kidney X2 is sweet substitute for M9 series but i can feel it will not let me down. I decided to experiment with street photography during my stay in Africa. if you wish you can follow posted pics on my blog  specially created for black and white journal from Africa. no sunsets, just real, candid life:

visit and tell me what you think:D


Colombia Itinerario

Mochilero en Colombia

Después de la decisión de viajar a Colombia, lo más difícil fue decidir qué excluir de la lista de lugares de interés atractiva y activa. Ciudades coloniales, plantaciones de café ruinas arqueológicas, trekking de alta montaña, buceo, rafting, observación de la lista de ballena es casi interminable.

Había cerca de tres variaciones diferentes de itinerario – aquí es el último bucle.

colombia itinerario


Si tu vuelo aterriza en el aeropuerto de Bogotá a Bogotá es el punto lógico de inicio y una base para hacer excursiones laterales alrededor de Bogota. Pasar unos días en la ciudad, pasear, visitar el Museo del oro, Museo de la Policía, la abundancia de todo lo que cuelgan alrededor de la Candelaria, ir a la Zona Rosa de la noche …. A medida que planeaba quedarse en Bogotá durante los primeros tres días en el tramo inicial del viaje a Colombia, hemos optado por hacer un viaje a Catedral de Sal de Zipaquirá, que le llevará un día. Además de los mochileros Zipaquira muchos optan por Villa de Leyva o Gill San. La elección es suya, una cuestión de prioridades personales y el tiempo disponible.

Bogota center

Pasto – Ipiales – Pasto

La siguiente parada fue Pasto (en realidad, Catedral de Las Lajas cerca de Ipiales) que se encuentra en la parte suroeste de Colombia. Después de una investigación a fondo en línea que decidimos tomar un avión, de lo contrario se perdería demasiado tiempo en viajar de ida y vuelta. En primer lugar, estábamos pensando en tomar un autobús y hacer una parada en Popayán y disponibles en otro lugar y luego la cabeza hacia el sur. De acuerdo con otros recursos en línea que es un largo viaje en autobús.

las lajas sanctuario

Pasto – Cali – Armenia – Salento

Un fin de semana en Pasto es suficiente si vas allí principalmente para visitar la Catedral de Las Lajas en Ipiales. Vuelo de regreso a Cali. Desde Cali tomamos un minibús que nos llevó a Armenia y luego otro a la localidad de Salento – una base para la excursión de un día al Valle de Cocora.
Finca in Valle de Cocora

Salento a través de Pereira – Medellín

Después de caminar en el lugar más magnífico que en Colombia continuó hacia Medellín. Sólo pasamos cinco días en Medellín y que definitivamente no es suficiente para ver todo. Un viaje al lado de Guatapé (El Peñol).

El Penon

Medellín – Cartagena

Pasamos un fin de semana en Cartagena.
Cartagena square

Cartagena – Santa Marta

Desde Cartagena tomamos un bus a Santa Marta, que dura unas cinco horas. Santa Marta no es una ciudad puerto de emoción, pero su boleto al Parque Nacional Natural Tayrona. Pasamos allí una semana, incluyendo Tayrona y Taganga. Si tienes suerte con el clima – que realmente no eran – tomar una Ciudad Perdida caminata.

tayrona  playa

Santa Marta – San Andrés

 En el momento de la visita no había vuelos directos desde Santa Marta. Primero viajó a Bogotá, luego a Cartagena y finalmente a San Andrés para finalizar el viaje con playas de arena reales.

playa san andres

San Andrés-Bogotá – Inicio.

De todos los viajes visitó los países a Colombia me dejó la impresión más profunda withe. Su tesoro más preciado y la diversidad de las joyas naturales y culturales que son simplemente impresionantes. A pesar de la mucha pobreza en las zonas rurales, el orgullo infinito, pero aún grandes, la alegría y la risa en la cara de todo el mundo, se obtiene una perspectiva diferente de la vida. ¡Qué triste e injusto que muchas personas todavía están familiarizados con este país sólo por las drogas, la delincuencia y los secuestros. Este es sin duda un país que merece una segunda oportunidad. Una vez allí, ni por un momento no se sentirá inseguro. El único pensamiento que llevas dentro de ti, es que el viaje no terminaría nunca, y como dice el eslogan organización de turismo de Colombia, el único peligro que está ahí fuera es posible que desee permanecer en Colombia para siempre.

What To See in Barcelona

In November I had a opportunity to visit Barcelona for a few days. There was so much more on my to see list, but I ran out of time.

Here are some photos from Olympic park, Barrio Gothico, Gaudi park, Sagrada Familia, Casa Batillo and from Placa Espanya. If you havent been there yet you can get a picture what to see in Barcelona, this is only a fragment and will probably upload part two.

Have to come back  for more this summer 🙂

Olympic Park

Placa Espanya

Barrio Gotico

Sagrada Familia

Street Lamps

Casa Batillo

Puzzle - Gaudi

Beautiful Altar



Almost on The Beach