My Favourite Taxi Driver on Zanzibar

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Killing Time in Stone Town

As I was back to Stone Town I still wanted to chill a little and at least swim in a swimming pool. Me and my Zanzibari friend Irene spent a nice afternoon in Zanzibar Beach Resort.


This resort isn’t exactly a place to spend your holidays in Zanzibar, of course you will go to the beach. But for an afternoon, when you don’t want to pay a fortune to get to any of better beaches, its a nice shelter, peaceful place, which has more employees than guests:) zanzibar beach resort

A large swimming pool, entry to use the pool for non guests isi 6000 TSH. In order to enjoy the time next to awesome swimming pool, we ordered some cocktails and just soaked into the sunshine.

cocktail zanzibar

Relaxing last day in Stone Town.

killing time in stone town

How Was my First Day on The Zanzibar Beach?

Hot, very hot!!

So i finally manage to come to Kendwa sunset, not even unpack, go to the beach for some lunch and dip in the beautiful sea… As i lay on the magical beach i see in my hotel some very big smoke, and turns out hotel was on fire. i go to my bungalow, as i was on beach bungalows quite far from actual fire which was going on on garden area of hotel, thinking shall i take my things out or shall i stay here as it didnt looked so bad from what i seen in the distance. But it was a windy day, and fire just exploded and became fast, i could hear sound of breaking and some explosions… i check neigbour hotel white Sands also on fire. At this time i got a little panic, i started gathering my things and left to the beach. The problem was, there was no evacuation plan or something, each guest was on their own…

so much for my beach time on Zanzibar. I am back in Stone town.


Welcome To The Jungle

Read about the tour on blog dedicated to Africa Travel Adventures






Zanzibar Jozani Forest – Red Colobus Monkey from Nina Malina on Vimeo.




Weekly Photo Challenge: Lunchtime

My lunchtime while traveling and working from Africa. While living on Zanzibar i used to eat in  my favourite local Indian vegan restaurant where i was the only mzungu guest most of the time.
Indian food / Lunch

Indian Restaurant Zanzibar

But most of the time i used to have numerous delicious fresh salads.

Avocaado Salad

To All My Followers ♥

First of all thank you to all there in WordPress universe that have chosen to follow my blog and trip to East Africa!! ♥♥♥

Due to typhoid fever i had to return home  sooner than planned initially. There are many photos to sort out but right now i have to get better first. Hope you will still enjoy the upcoming pics! 🙂

Still, had an unforgettable time in Africa and also getting sick is part of African experience….


Women at Work

In Tanzania it is estimated that women especially rural women provide 80 percent of labour force in rural area and producing 60 percent of food production.

Rural Tanzania

Women at Work


Looking for seashells

Warm Heart of Africa

Final errands to run before i leave.Try to eliminate the  expectations, but feel like i might not come back:D Felt like at home there last year and feels like I am coming home. …. What do we need to feel happy? Western comodities didnt make me happy so far. Money? Job titles? I dont think so….

Summer on Zanzibar

All Day I Dream About Zanzibar

My favourite place on Zanzibar:) Nungwi beach was unforgettable place on my vaction to Tanzania. I dont even know whether to say this here on WordPress because I dont want to come there again and find crowded place because everybody will want to be there. But yes, I love solitude, and I got it there, plenty. I couldn’t understand that guests preferred swimming pool over the sea!

ras nungwi beach zanzibarras nungwi beach zanzibar instagram photos

Actually I stayed a few days in Luxury resort generally isn’t my way of travel, but after a weeks of dusty roads and low budget hotels Ras Nungwi really felt like heaven. You can read more aboout this hotel on my blog: Ras Nungwi Hotel

Here is one video, the rest of material on link above.